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Top 10


For Collectors, the Top Ten Reasons Why Buying at Auction Is Better Than Thrift Store Shopping
Those who enjoy collecting vintage and antique items will find that buying at auction has several advantages over thrift store shopping. The following are the top ten reasons for this:

No. 1 Authenticity Guaranteed

When you buy at auction, you can be certain that the items you buy are genuine. Reputable auction houses take painstaking time creating catalogs to ensure the items are properly described.


This is not always the case in thrift stores, where determining the authenticity of an item can be difficult. Very rarely do thrift stores have any expertise and more often than not they get important information wrong. 

No. 2
Wider Selection

When compared to thrift stores, auctions often have a much larger selection of vintage and antique items, making it easier to find the specific items you’re looking for.
Furthermore when searching “auctions near me” you’ll find auctions that specialize in what you are looking for. For instance you’ll see Western Art Auctions, Native American Auctions, Advertising Sign Auctions, Antique Furniture Auctions / Antique Auctions, etc..

No. 3
Better Quality

Auctions typically attract high-end items and high-quality merchandise, whereas thrift stores typically contain low-quality items with the scarcely seen medium-to-high-quality items mixed in.


A common excitement when thrifting is the thrill of the hunt, often referred to as vintage hunting or treasuring hunting. While occasionally finding that “diamond in the rough” at a thrift store near by, most of the time, if not always you’ll leave empty handed. Whereas at an auction, due to its curated collection of higher quality items, you’re more likely to find that rare or unusual find. 


Traditionally thrift stores or secondhand stores sell items without explanation or denoting the items condition. Most collector auction houses give a detailed description of the item that in many cases includes its current condition, flaws (if any), and many detailed images (when buying online). 

No. 4
Naming Your Price

Imagine the scene, you’re at your favorite spot for vintage hunting and you find “the piece” turn it over and crudely placed on is a sale tag marked with a price your not thrilled with. This is a common problem with modern retail and resale, an arbitrary fixed price that for some reason cannot be changed.


In comes the largest benefit of an auction, the ability to name your own price. Gone are the days of guessing if the price is what’s right for you. At an auction you are able to put as low, or as high a price you are comfortable with. At the auction you’re not just a buyer, you’re a contributor to the entire process.

No. 5

At auctions, knowledgeable staff are usually on hand to answer questions and provide information about the items being sold, allowing you to make more informed purchase.


When buyers are properly informed, they are more likely to spend more because they are better able to understand the value and benefits of a product, leading to increased confidence in their purchase decision and a higher willingness to spend. Accurate information promotes consumer trust and encourages them to make informed decisions.



No. 6
Professional Valuations

Many collector auction houses provide professional valuations and in some cases appraisals, ensuring that you are are presented a fair price for the items you buy. 

No. 7

When buying at a thrift store, finding a rare or interesting item is truly the luck of the draw. Will you show up in time to snag the piece or someone else, and sometimes even those working there, beat you to it. 


At an auction the time and date of the sale is published for all to enjoy. Even further many auctions are listed weeks in advance of the sale date with their detailed catalog. This gives you a chance to find your favorite piece and do your research before hand. In an online auction you can vintage hunt and find your favorite piece, bid on and win it, and then pay and arrange shipping all from the convenience of your mobile phone. 

No. 8
Access to Rare Items

Auctions frequently attract rare and unique items that are difficult to find in thrift stores, providing collectors with the opportunity to add truly unique items to their collections.


Are you looking for a specific piece of Western Art, an unusual antiquity or a beautiful piece of wearable Navajo jewelry art? Exactly what your looking for can be found at an auction. 

No. 9
Well Organized

We’ve all been there, the messy bins, dirty furniture or bags full of oddly combined items commonly found at your local thrift store. This can be frustrating and even more the clutter and disorganization can cause you to miss some of the best pieces. 


Lotted Collector Auctions are well organized with each item being clearly marked with its associating lot number in the catalog and displayed in a clear and cohesive way. Many auction houses will clean and repair pieces in an effort to offer it at its best.

No. 10

Lastly, when you buy at an auction you know what you’re going to get, you can trust that the auction company will stand behind what they listed and there is accountability with your purchase. 


At a thrift store, antique store nearby, or goodwill items are typically sold “as-is” or on consignment. Rarely will a thrift store owner stand behind your purchase if the item isn’t correct or something is wrong, you typically learn an expensive lesson. Maybe next time you’ll chose a local auction nearby. 

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