How To Bid

At North American Auction Co. we offer many different avenues to place a bid on an upcoming auction event. Below are a few of the bidding options that you can chose.


We offer online-absentee and online-live bidding on our website directly for a discounted rated.


Want to enjoy a Live Auction? Come out to our auction gallery for in-person live bidding.


Want a direct line onto the auction floor? Sign up for phone bidding to bid directly with a staff member.



How do I create a North American Auction account?

  1. At the home page click the Auctions tab at the top menu navigation. On mobile, click the three horizontal bar “hamburger” menu which will access a drop down menu, here click Auctions. 
  2. From here click the Sign up button at the top right in blue. This will open a pop-up form at the center of your screen.
  3. Follow the prompts, first entering your email address clicking the Continue button, then a secure password and click Create Account. This will prompt a second pop-up form allowing you to enter the remaining profile information. Please be accurate with this data as this is the info that we will use to verify your account, shipping and billing. Click save Profile.
  4. Next will be a pop-up for Credit Card Verification. Filling this out will allow us to verify your account and approve your bidding. Click Continue.
  5. You will then receive a confirmation email. Click the Verify Email Now button in the email to confirm and activate your North American Auction Co. account.

Where can I find a list of your upcoming auctions?

You can find an upcoming auction schedule on our “Auctions” tab or by clicking here.

When are auction catalogues posted?

Auction catalogues are published approximately three weeks prior to an auction and are available online. Check the “Auctions” tab and under the specific auction click the “View Catalog” button.


On the day of the sale we provide Live In-Person Bidders a simple printed catalog to follow along with the auction.

How can I register to bid in an auction?

  1. At the home page click the Auctions tab at the top menu navigation. On mobile, click the three horizontal bar “hamburger” menu which will access a drop down menu, here click Auctions. 
  2. From here click the “Log In” button found at the top right of the page. 
  3. Enter your email address associated with your account and click “Continue” then enter your password and click “Log in”.
  4. After successfully logging in to your account you will be on the Upcoming Auctions page. At the auction you wish to bid in click the “Register” button. 
  5. If you are a first time bidder, you may be prompted for additional information. Please include accurate information, as well as a valid credit card and select the terms and contact boxes to be approved. 
  6. If you have bid with us before a box will prompt with the terms and contact boxes, the click Complete Registration. 
  7. Again make sure all information in your registration and account is accurate and up to date.
  8. Once submitted, you will receive an email notification confirming your registration approval, and then you will be able to place bids on any lots in the auction. 

Can I bid live online in your auctions?

Yes, to bid live in any auction online, please follow the steps below:


  1. Click on the auction of interest and register to bid in the auction. If you already have an account follow the prompts, if a first time user, you will be promoted to create an account and provide the required information.
  2. Once your registration has been approved, you may log-in to your account on the day of the auction in the Live Bidding Console to follow along and place your bids online directly with the online clerk. 

What are absentee bids and how do I submit them?

An absentee bid is a bid left in advance of the sale date with the auction house website which will bid on your behalf. When absentee bidding we suggest leaving the highest price you are willing to pay (excluding buyers premium and other fees). Bidding in this method is always confidential and the bidding will only advance at the set increments being raised by other online competing bidders. 


Bidders may place absentee online bids by following the steps below:


  1. Log-in to your account through the “Log In” button at the top right found on the “Auctions” tab of the website.
  2. Next, you will need to select the “Register” button, found on the “Auctions” tab under the specific sale you are interest in. This will prompt first time buyers for additional information and require you to agree to our terms and conditions. 
  3. Once you are registered, review the bidding increments set for the auction.
  4. Go to the specific lot in the sale you have registered for, below the lot Enter the highest amount you are willing to pay (following the set increments) and click the “Place Bid” button. 
  5. This will prompt a pop-up for Bid Confirmation showing your bid, click the Confirm button. 
  6. Bids may be placed online for any lots up to the opening of that specific lot during the live bidding event, at which point bids would need to be placed in the Live Bidding Console. 

Where can I find a record of the absentee bids I have placed?

You may review any absentee bids placed directly in your North American Auction account, under the “My Account” tab. Once signed into your account click the “My Account” tab. Below you can view “My Items” (which will show all the items you have favorited or bid on), “My Bids” (which will show your current bids and their status), “Registered Auctions”, “Items Won” and “Account Info”. 

Can I increase an absentee bid that I've already placed?

Yes, you may do so directly in your North American Auction account, under the “My Account” section, up until the lot has opened for live bidding. From your “My Account” section you can go to the “My Bids” tab and enter the higher increased bid here (following the increments) and then click the “Place Bid” button. 

Can I lower an absentee bid after placing it?

To lower or alter an absentee bid placed directly with North American Auction that is in your “My Account” section, you must directly contact the auction house. Please contact or 800-686-4216 and explain in detail your reasoning for lowering your bid. Once approved the auction house must manually change things from our back end. Once our offices are closed the day prior to the live bidding, no reductions of bids or alterations are allowed. 

What is a phone bid and how do I submit a request for one?

When you submit a phone or telephone bid request, a North American Auction representative will call you on the day of the auction a few lots prior to your specific lot to execute your bids over the phone to the auctioneer on your behalf. You will be called between three and five lots before your item is scheduled to be sold. The representative will communicate to you the bidding activity from the auction house floor and will relay your bids to the auctioneer at your discretion. 


To submit a phone bid request please visit the Phone Bidding information “here“. 


Please note that signing up for phone bidding requires you to review the items pre-sale estimate and bid accordingly. If you are only leaving a maximum bid that is equal to the start bid please use the Online Absentee Bidding catalog. Also a $10 credit card authorization will be submitted on all phone bids. 

Can I attend your auctions in person?

Yes, any of the auctions that are designated as “Live” are free and open to the public with no obligation to bid and includes free beverage and lunch. In order to bid you must register with the front desk which will require your full contact information, photo identification, credit card information, and agreement to the sales Terms and Conditions. 


Once the auction has begun the auctioneer will sell the catalog in number order, clearly announcing the lot number and next bid being asked. To place a bid, simply raise your bid card number to the auctioneer for his recognition. When the bidding is nearly its completion, the auctioneer will give you fair warning, sell the item to the final bidder and announce the sold hammer price and successful bidder number. When you are finished bidding on the lots you are interest in, return to the check-in station front desk where you can examine your invoice and make arrangements for payment and pickup. 

I don't have a credit card, can I still register to bid?

All accounts must include a valid credit card number as verification in order to be approved and to bid in our auctions. 

What is a Buyer's Premium?

When purchasing at North American Auction, a premium is paid by the buyer which is a percantage based on the hammer price of the item. Settlement with our consignors is based on the hammer price, which is the total cost, excluding buyer’s premium and other fees. 


Our Buyer’s Premium for bidding directly with our company is set at 20% with an additional 3% fee for online & phone bidding.


Our third party hosted platforms Buyer’s Premium is set at 25% (20% buyers premium plus a 5% third party online bidding fee). 


Additional fees for processing credit cards, late payments, shipping, and storage might apply.


What are 3rd Party Online Platforms?

North American Auction Co. makes certain auctions available for bidding through our 3rdparty auction partners, such as BidSquare, and iCollector among many others. These auctions are always available for bidding directly through our site directly,, for a discounted fee however, if a buyer bids through a third-party platform the buyer agrees to pay a surcharge to Hindman LLC equal to the fee levied by the third-party platform. The third-party fee is in addition to the buyer’s premium. 


North American Auction

ph: 800-686-4216

fax: 800-686-4216

Bidding Increments

$10 until $100 is reached

$25 until $500 is reached
$50 until $1,000 is reached
$100 until $2,000 is reached
$250 until $10,000 is reached
$500 until $20,000 is reached
$1,000 until $30,000 is reached
$2,500 until $50,000 is reached
$5,000 until $100,000 is reached
$10,000 for all bids over $100,000

NOTICE: All  bidding increments are at the discretion of the auctioneer during the live sale and are subject to change at any time.