How To Bid

At North American Auction Co. we offer many different avenues to place a bid on an upcoming auction event. Below are a few of the bidding options that you can chose.


We offer online-absentee and online-live bidding on our website directly for a discounted rated.


Want to enjoy a Live Auction? Come out to our auction gallery for in-person live bidding.


Want a direct line onto the auction floor? Sign up for phone bidding to bid directly with a staff member.

Auction Shipping

Creating an Account

North American Auction Co. offers an in house, full service professional shipping department. As one of the leading auction houses in Western Collecting, our team of experts ships nearly 10,000 items a year from large freight to small jewelry. 


We have implemented some of the most state of art packing systems and eco-friendly materials as well as partnered with the major preferred carriers to ensure a safe, professional and efficient delivery. 


Our company has partnered with Shipping Saints software which allows us to automate text and email communications, address verifications, easily collect payments and speed workflow. 

Eco Packing Systems

In addition to traditional shipping methods and materials such as boxes, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap our company has implemented several eco-friendly and efficient processes.

  • Our company recycles packing boxes using our in-house cardboard shredder. This shredded packing material is used whenever possible in an effort to replace traditional plastic or styrofoam. 
  • NAAC Branded Paper Packing Tape. The tape reduces the use for plastic tapes on our boxes while also clearly marking your package for delivery. The tapes adhesive activates by water in the machine and is cut to exact size needed, reducing waste. 
  • Paper packing machine. We use an in-house packing machine that allows for bulk shipped paper (reducing trucking) which is turned into soft packing material. Again reducing the need for plastic packing materials and is cut to exact size reducing waste. 
  • Protective plastic. Some items are sealed into plastic bags to protect the item during shipping. As well we also ship firearms in protective fabric sleeves. 

North American Auction Shipping Includes

  • Expert Packing
  • Text and Email Automated Communications
  • Tracking
  • Signature Required 
  • Commercial and Residential Delivery
  • International Shipping
  • Freight
  • Insurance

Pre-Auction Shipping Estimates

If you would like a shipping estimate in advance of the auction ending, please contact or call 800-686-4216 ext. 3. Please include the lot number and destination address with zip code. Shipping estimates will not be provided after the ending of a sale. 

Shipping Form Submission

Shipping Form
Thanks! We'll send over your shipping quote / info shortly.


Mark Markovich


ph: 800-686-4216 ext. 3

fax: 800-686-4216

Bidding Increments


$10 until $100 is reached

$25 until $500 is reached
$50 until $1,000 is reached
$100 until $2,000 is reached
$250 until $10,000 is reached
$500 until $20,000 is reached
$1,000 until $30,000 is reached
$2,500 until $50,000 is reached
$5,000 until $100,000 is reached
$10,000 for all bids over $100,000

NOTICE: All  bidding increments are at the discretion of the auctioneer during the live sale and are subject to change at any time.