How To Bid

At North American Auction Co. we offer many different avenues to place a bid on an upcoming auction event. Below are a few of the bidding options that you can chose.


We offer online-absentee and online-live bidding on our website directly for a discounted rated.


Want to enjoy a Live Auction? Come out to our auction gallery for in-person live bidding.


Want a direct line onto the auction floor? Sign up for phone bidding to bid directly with a staff member.

How To Bid

Phone Bidding

In some events a bidder would prefer to bid by Telephone. Phone bidding allows the bidder to be called prior to their item going live on the sale date by an auction house representative who will bid on your behalf in real time. To register as a phone bidder you must fill out the phone bidder request form.


Below is the Credit Card Authorization Phone Bidding form. Please fill out the form completely in order to be approved as a Phone Bidder in an upcoming sale. The red flags throughout the form will point to areas that need to be completed. The bottom bar will show your document progress. The dots along the right side will indicate if a page is completed by green or not completed in red. Once all the fields are completed a Submit button will appear.

After Submitting the Form

Once the form has been completed and submitted you will be entered into our system as a phone bidder. 


During the live sale a representative of the auction house will call you using the contact info you submitted in the form a few lots in advance of the item you are interested in. As the bidding proceeds the representative will relay the auctioneers current asking amount, simply and quickly replay with “yes” or “no”. You can also ask the representative to raise the bid above the asking price during this time.


Our company sells on average an item every 30 to 50 seconds. Please make sure 


Tucker Markovich

Vice President

ph: 800-686-4216 ext. 2

fax: 800-686-4216

Bidding Increments


$10 until $100 is reached

$25 until $500 is reached
$50 until $1,000 is reached
$100 until $2,000 is reached
$250 until $10,000 is reached
$500 until $20,000 is reached
$1,000 until $30,000 is reached
$2,500 until $50,000 is reached
$5,000 until $100,000 is reached
$10,000 for all bids over $100,000

NOTICE: All  bidding increments are at the discretion of the auctioneer during the live sale and are subject to change at any time.